Agnoli meat stuffed

€ 17,00

Agnolini are the main soup of Mantuan cuisine, that of celebrations and important occasions. Served preferably in broth, they can also be tasted dry with melted butter and sage

More informations

• Ingredients: filling: beef, pork, pork salami, raw ham, Grana Padano. Pasta: 00 soft wheat flour, durum wheat semolina, eggs.
• Allergenes: gluten, eggs, milk.
• Shelf life of the product in unopened package: 5 days from the production date.
• How to store: Store in the refrigerator at an indicative temperature of 4/6°C for a maximum of 7 days.To extend its shelf life, freeze and consume within 90 days from the date of purchase.
• Packaging: carton box

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