Mantuan tasting

€ 65,00

Mantuan mustard mixed fruit 280 gr, Homemade mixed pickled vegetables (Vinegar) 254 gr, Mantuan mustard apple 280 gr, Mantuan mustard fig 140 gr, Mantuan mustard cherry 140 gr, Zabaione 250 gr

More informations

• Mixed Fruit Mostarda, Campanina Apple, Fig, Cherry
Ingredients: Fruit 68% (or other flavour), sugar, glucose, acidity regulator E330 E124, mustard essential oil.
Allergens: mustard and derivatives.
• pickled pickled vegetables
Ingredients: mixed vegetables in variable proportions 90%: cabbage, fennel, pepper, onions, celery, carrots, cucumbers; wine vinegar, salt, sugar, in sunflower oil in variable proportions/vinegar.
Allergens: celery and derivatives.
• Zabaglione in a jar
Allergens: may contain traces of gluten, milk, egg, nuts, soy.
Ingredients: sugar, Zibibbo wine 29%, egg yolk 24%, Marsala wine, corn starch.